Alasdair Ross

Name – Alasdair Ross
Level – Cateory 3SAR
Year Started Refereeing – 1997
First Match – SYFA Sunday match on a blaes pitch in the rain in Knightswood – can’t remeber the teams!

Who or what influenced you to become a referee?
I was coaching an Under 15’s team from around 1994, and I decided that I should set an example and learn the laws of the game.  I decided the best way to do this was to attend a refereeing course and sit the exam and if I passed, it would enable me to more confidently referee training sessions and friendlies, so that’s what I did!

Career Highlights:

  • UEFA Euro 2012 in Ukraine & Poland
  • 30+ International Appointments including full international matches, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League matches including Champions League quarter-final and Europa League semi-final
  • 2012 Scottish FA Cup Final Hearts v Hibs
  • 2013 Scottish League Cup Final Hearts v St Mirren
  • 2009 Scottish Challenge Cup Final Dundee v Inverness Caledonian Thistle
  • Several Old Firm matches & Edinburgh derbies
  • Officiated at every senior ground in Scottish football

If you could officiate any match, involving any teams, what would it be and why?

Barcelona v Real Madrid – this fixture is well known all over the world and never disappoints!

Any hobbies outside of refereeing?

Playing golf, skiing and watching NFL.

Any advice for new/young referees?

The potential for young referees to reach the very top of the game is real – however, it needs hard work, committment and dedication!  Attend training, attend meetings, work hard and socialise well.  Be honest and approachable, and most of all make sure advisors are coming to watch as many games as possible, from as early on in your career as possible.

What is your funniest/most embarassing moment as a referee?

An angry Hearts fan once called me a “fat gay lesbian b4st4rd” during a game at Tynecastle, and a fan sitting nearby shouted back “oh come on he’s not fat!”  This amused me and most of the other fans in the area!

Which referee has the worst banter?

Bad banter is better than no banter!  Some referees can be really quiet!

Who is the best and worst dressed referee you know?

That can vary!  Best dressed is Stevie McLean (very dapper on a night out!) Worst dressed is usually any referee from Fife!

Who takes the longest to get ready after a game?

Barry Cook – once he stops talking!

Food – Asian (Teppanyaki, Thai, Chinese, Indian)
Drink – A premium G&T, wheat beer or glass of merlot
TV/Film – Shawshank Redemption, or anything involving Morgan Freemna, Harrison Ford or Sean Connery.  The occasional chick flick is okay too!
Music – A little bit of everything – within reason! Classical, Neil Diamond, Elton John, Queen, The Beatles, Take That, McFly


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