Andy Taylor

Name – Andy Taylor
Level – Category 3
Year Started Refereeing – 2011
Year promoted to Senior list – 2016
First Match – Barrhead v Hamilton Inverclyde Under 15’s – a very challenging top of the table clash for my first ever game!

Who or what influenced you to become a referee?

I had some pretty poor referees when I played in my slightly younger days, and thought I’d have a go at it myself!  I now realise how difficult a job it was for the guys who I probably gave a bit of stick to as a player!

Career Highlights:

  • 2017 Scottish Ethnic Minority Sports Association Cup Final at Ibrox
  • Junior League Cup Final 2015 as AR2
  • Senior matches as assistant referee
  • Old Firm Legends game October 2018

If you could officiate any match involving any teams, what would it be and why?

An Old Firm derby, a Manchester derby or an El Clasico, impossible to pick one but these are three of the best games to watch anywhere in the world of football!

Any hobbies outside of refereeing?

Socialising, occasionally hacking my way around a golf course, or watching sports on TV.

Any advice for new/young referees?

Attend training and meetings, attend regional training days because the advice and coaching you can get is invaluable! Take advice from the MGAP advisors, and have them out to watch as many of our games as possible.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions at training or meetings, there’s always someone who will have been there before and will be happy to help.  Most importantly, enjoy it and work hard because you can go places if you work hard!

What is your funniest/most embarassing moment as a referee?

There’s been a few… dropping a pen and having to borrow one from a coach, and being clattered by a player are just two!

Which referee has the worst banter?

Chris Palmer’s patter is pretty horrendous at the best of times!

Who is the best and worst dressed referee you know?

Best dressed I would say is Ally Ross, worst dressed is far too hard to call!

Who takes the longest to get ready after a game?

Barry Cook for definite… too busy singing in the shower!

Food – Can’t beat a medium rare steak or some spicy pasta
Drink – Irn Bru, spiced rum & coke or a Corona & lime
TV/Film – Rules of Engagement, Brooklyn 99, Beverly Hills Cop and Die Hard
Music – Country mainly e.g. Brad Paisley/Chris Young, but can’t beat some good Scottish music like Skippinish!




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