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Test Your Knowledge

Do you have what it takes to become a referee. Take our quiz to find out

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Does the announcement of the number of minutes of added time state the exact time left in the match??

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Where does a substituted player have to leave the field of play?

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What decision should the referee take if a player strikes a team-mate inside his own penalty area when the ball is in play?

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When not challenging for a ball a player with his hand, strikes an opponent on the head, although not using excessive force. Decision?

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What is the minimum height of a corner flag post?

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Can a goal be scored direct from a corner kick?

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Can a player remove a corner flagpost before taking a corner?

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After a goal is scored and before play restarts. The referee realises that a substitute of the team that scored was on the field of play when the goal was scored. He disallows the goal and cautions the substitute. Restart of play?

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A substitution is made during the half time interval without informing the referee. The referee realises this after five minutes in the second half and when the ball is in play. Decision?

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A player who is taking a throw-in steps on the touch line with one of his feet. What decision should the referee make?

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